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To provide a physical and emotional respite for hurting people, especially children with cancer, veterans, and first responders. We accomplish this by providing recreational and educational experiences on the water as a time of healing and enjoyment.


In a world in which people of all ages suffer daily, Reach and Teach Ministry understands the value of providing opportunities to break away from difficult times in life.


Cancer is like a Storm


Wishing and Fishing provide fishing and wildlife educational outings for children diagnosed with cancer, blood disorders, debilitating diseases, and children who are living in adverse conditions or broken families.

We are all called to reach out to those in need, not only children with cancer but also those who are homeless, hungry, hurting, sick, or those who are in mourning and needing spiritual and emotional healing.


We believe in the ability of the human spirit to prevail and that a person’s emotional state impacts the healing process. Our responsibility is to encourage the healing process by adding joy and laughter to the equation.

The Wishing and Fishing program is free to qualified individuals and their families by generous contributions from individuals, corporate sponsors, financial grants, etc. 

Reach and Teach Ministry, Inc. does not discriminate based on religion, color, race, age, sexual orientation, or economic status.

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