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Pastor Tommy Cook
Founder and Leadership


In 2008, Tommy began “Reach and Preach on the Beach", a ministry later to be incorporated as Reach and Teach Ministry, Inc., and certified a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. Pastor Tommy has been heard on the radio, has made several appearances on The Christian Television Network, and has been asked to speak at a variety of venues throughout Florida. He is passionate about Fishing and devoting his life to serving Christ.

Wishing and Fishing was formed after his daughter Carly became diagnosed with cancer.  After witnessing the treatment of Carly firsthand, Tommy and his wife Kel gained a newfound respect for the level of stress and discomfort cancer and diseases like it levied on the patient and their families. They both realized a real need for providing a fun and exciting respite for children and their families. Tommy's love for fishing provided a natural path towards the development and launch of "Wishing and Fishing", a permanent project within the Reach and Teach Ministry Charter.


We all appreciate the contribution Pastor Tommy and his wife Kel have had on Wishing and Fishing and we encourage you to support this wonderful ministry in caring for those who need it the most, the children.


Steve Thornton
Volunteer Operations Director


Steve is a technology and business professional who utilizes his expertise to manage and support the operational aspects of the ministry. He is the creator and editor of our website and volunteers when in Florida. Steve understands the value of providing enjoyable diversions for all people who are overcome with life, especially children with cancer who suffer greatly during prolonged periods of treatment regimes. As a team, we promise to be creative in our pursuit of creating an enjoyable experience for each participant in our program. Our number one goal is to have fun in a safe and responsible manner.

Other interests are in supporting Veterans including the Vietnam Veterans whom some would say have been forgotten.


Above all else, Steve is committed to his faith and practices sharing the love of Christ with everyone he meets.

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Reach and Teach Ministry, Inc.

RTM, Wishing and Fishing was founded in Clearwater Beach, Florida, and received its 501c(3) tax-exempt status in June 2012. Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, we have multiple service locations in Clearwater, Florida, and Palm Bay, Florida.

We believe in the ability of the human spirit to prevail and that a person’s emotional state impacts the healing process. Our responsibility is to encourage the healing process by adding joy and laughter to the equation.

The Wishing and Fishing program is free to qualified individuals and their families by generous contributions from individuals, corporate sponsors, financial grants, etc. 

Reach and Teach Ministry, Inc. does not discriminate based on religion, color, race, age, sexual orientation, or economic status.



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